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Banks leads Ball State past Akron, accounting for 3 TDs

Game Report Posted: August 26, 2013 00:02  

AKRON, OH. -- Halfback Horacti Banks shown up big time, and Ball State needed him to, as they edge out Akron.

Banks found the end-zone three times, all from plays of at least 20 yards. His first touchdown being a 81
yard touchdown off a screen to open up the third quarter. Towards end of the third, he would break off a
37 yard and finally got into the end-zone from 20 yards as well.

"Banks came up big for us, if it wasn't for him, we might have not won." Said coach Taylor after the game.
"Him and Edwards both shown we have one of the best running back combos in the league."

Edwards (153 yards) and Banks (145 yards, 2 rushing TDs) both had big days for Ball State (3-3, 2-0 MAC)

Ball State started the game off slow losing 16-6 before Chris Shillings would catch a big time 35 yard TD
to put Bal State only down 3 entering halftime. With two big plays by Banks in the third putting Ball State
up by 27-16.

Banks would find the end-zone for his third time early in the fourth, which was four straight touchdonws for
Ball State, before Akron would score twice in the final 4:00 minutes of the game. But they could not reco-
ver the onside kick.

Nick Hirschman had a nice day passing for Akron compleiting 31 of 46 passes for 341 yards and 2 TDs.
Julius Cannon also played well throwing for 255 yards and 2 touchdowns. Both QB's threw an interception.

Game winning field goal sends Ball State to victory

Game Report Posted: August 25, 2013 13:04  

MOUNT PLEASANT, MI. -- Ball State and Central Michigan had another classic shootout. Ending with kicker
Scott Secor kicking a game winning field goal as time expired to send his Cardinals to victory, 41-38.

Although at first it was looking like Central Michigan was going to run away with it. Scoring 17 points in
the first quarter and 210 yards of total offense. But a huge 1 play 85 yard touchdown at the end of the 1st
quarter would put Ball State back it.

Heading into halftime Central Michigan had a 27-21 lead, with the half ending with Julius Cannon running in
for a 1 yard touchdown on fourth down. Central Michigan had 404 yards of total offense and 18 first downs
at halftime. Finsihing with 614 yards of offense and 29 first downs for the game. Ball State had 532 yards
and 22 first downs.

"That right there was a shootout." Said Mike Taylor after the game. "Our offense came up after being
down early. Much like last year. Our defense must play better though."

Ball State's first play in the 3rd quarter would be a 80 yard touchdown - which was called back due to clip-
ping. But that would not affect the drive, as they went on a 13 play, 85 yards drive for a touchdown.

The deciding factor was CMU kicker R. Coluzzi missing three fields goals from 58,49, and 52.

It was a big day for both teams halfbacks. Jahwan Edwards having 188 yards and a touchdown. Anthony
Garland having 185 yards and a touchdown. Saylor Lavalii broke off a 41 yard touchdown on CMU's first

drive. Finsihing with 88 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Quarterback Cody Kater had a big day. Throwing for 309 yards and a lone touchdown.

"For the second straight season, we had a big early lead. But we still find a way to lose this game." Said
Cody Kater to the media. "It wasn't just the special teams or our defense. We might have made a lot of
big plays, but we still made quite of bit mistakes. Me getting sacked while resulted in a longer field goal,
and dropped passes."

Willie Snead was a big part of the win. Not only catching 6 passes for 74 yards; But averaging 30.4 yards
a return and breaking off a 52 yard return.

Julius Cannon found the end-zone 3 times, two from rushes, and the other being a 85 yard touchdown
pass to close out the first quarter.

Ball State will travel to Akron for their final away game until November 22nd. Central Michigan will be
heading to DeKalb Illinois to play the Huskies of Northern Illinois. Hoping to not have a 2-5 record afer that

7 Rushing touchdowns for Michigan in rout

Game Report Posted: August 24, 2013 00:52  

ANN ARBOR, MI. -- Justice Hayes and Thomas Rawls combined for 7 touchdowns on the ground, in a 59-17
beat down on Ball State.

Justice Hayes had a big day rushing for 237 yards and 4 touchdowns, his third touchdown was the longest
for 71 yards, he had TD's for 12, 6, and 3 yards out as well. Thomas Rawls only ran the ball 4 times, but
found the end-zone 3 times, with runs of 9, 6, and 1 yards out.

"We just got completely out coached, out played, and just flat out beat down." Said Mike Taylor after the
game. "I will take all blame, we could have down a better job getting our guys ready to play."

The game was 7-3 entering the first quarter, but Michigan ran off after that. Scoring 17 points in the second
quarter and capping the game off with 21 straight points in the fourth.

Shane Morris had a very nice game passing for 265 yards, a touchdown, and only having 5 incompeations.

Julius Cannon injured his shoulder early in the third, but coach Taylor said he'll be ready to go against Ce-
ntreal Michigan. Both backups Ozzie Mann and Terrence Beck would see playing time after the injury.
Beck being in the longest, completing 9 for 14, 81 yards, but threw a interception in the fourth quarter.

Despite having ran 24 more plays than Michigan, they would have 242 less yards; With 301 compared to
Michigan's 543. Ball State will enter conference play after their bye week at 1-3. Hoping for some big
games against Central Michigan, Akron, and Northern Illinois to hopefully fight for a bowl bid.

Schurr throws last second game winning touchdown

Game Report Posted: August 22, 2013 20:16  

WEST POINT, N.Y. -- 0:17 left A.J. Schurr hits receiver T. Smith for a game winning 36 yard touchdown, defeating
Ball State for the second straight year in exciting fashion 34-30.

"When you lose to Army, you never lose to them like that." Said Mike Taylor to reports after the game.
"In reality though, we just had too many mistakes. We threw three interceptions, the last on coming on
the final pass of the game. But still three turnovers and we missed a lot of tackles. They just played
better than us for the second straight year."

Army didn't have any problems running the ball, averaging 7 yards carry. QB A.J. Schurr rushed for 147
yards a touchdown, and passed for 104 yards and the game winning touchdown. HB Terry Bagget only
had to run the 6 times to reach 102 yards and 2 touchdowns breaking off a 66 and 32 yard run.

Army entered halftime with 24-17 lead and a 27-17 lead early in the fourth, but Ball State would fight back
to tie. Ball State would then have a long 5 minute drive and with 1:13 left in the game Scott Secor would
kick his third field goal of the game to give them a 30-27 lead. It was looking like it was going to head to
overtime but A.J. Schurr would throw his biggest pass of his career which resulted in Army winning.

Cannon struggled for most of the game throwing 3 interceptions and fumbling once out of bounds. He did
throw for 220 yards and a touchdown, but overall he didn't play too well. Jahwan Edwards did, however, he
rushed for 161 yards and a score. At halftime Edwards had 105 yards, so despite still having a great
game he was not able to bust off the same big runs like he did in the first half. Ball State will head to
the Big House next week, which will likely result in another loss for the team.

Edwards braks school record in crushing win over Tulane

Game Report Posted: August 20, 2013 20:21  

MUNCIE, IN. -- Ball State ran the ball for 376 yards, Jahwan Edwards got in the end-zone 5 times to break the
schools rushing TD record in a game.

Edwards finished with 168 yards off 29 carries, but he wasn't the only one breaking off big runs. QB Julius
Cannon broke off a 80 yard early in the second quarter and finsihed with 159 yards off 14 carries.

"Play calling wasn't very hard this game, all we had to do was run the ball." Said coach Mike Taylor to
Muncie Reporters. "I'm so happy for Edwards, this is why I talked to him about staying with us. He is
just a amazing player and person. Cannon showed off his legs as well this game, this is a great bounce
back from last week's loss."

Tulane opened up the game with Nick Montana hitting Xaiver Rush on a streak route for a 57 yard touch-
down. Tulane had a 10-7 heading into the second quarter, but it was all Ball State afterwards with Tulane
scoring their last points with a 17 yard field goal with 0:29 left till halftime.

The one postive Tulane got out of this game was Darion Monroe who recorded 20 tackles. He was just
all over the field today. Tulane's biggest reason for losing was 7 penatlies, 3 were facemasks, 1 was
illegal touchdown which wiped a touchdown off and 2 turnovers.

This was the sixth time Edwards has reached over 3 touchdowns in a game, he had touchdowns of 16, 7,
20, 4, and 5 yards out. So he didn't have to break off huge runs for the scores. Ball State will head to
West Point next week to play Army.

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