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Almost Heading The Wrong Way

Season Report Posted: October 05, 2010 03:38  

Coach Procter is now the new head coach who signed a 3 year contract with the Deleware Fighting Blue Hens. It only took him one game to find out how much talent he was working with as they almost get knocked off in week one to a team that they probably should be beating by four touchdowns atleast. "I wins a win, and were just going to have to build off our mistakes this game and come bring our best next week and play better" said coach Procter. If it wasnt for the first kick of the game to be taken back, the Blue Hens may of ended up losing this game as they only score one more touchdown for the rest of the game. It was a defensive second half as neither teams offense could do anything which explains why the score never changed in the second half. Could this be a quick sign of whats to come in the future?? It is coach Procters first year as a head coach, but some are already starting to doubt. Next week will be Tulane, which is not a particularly good team so hopefully they can get on track just in time for conference play.

Where's The Offense?

Season Report Posted: October 05, 2010 03:48  

"We may not be the most athletic team in the country, but that doesnt mean we cant be physical and execute. This team has the potential to make it pretty far. They have to believe in each other and WANT to win. Its all about desire and motivation" stated coach Procter, after a tough loss to a weak Tulane team. Its only week two but Deleware barely gets by there first game and now loses to Tulane.. Hopefully coach is right and can get this team on the right track. At this rate though, you can expect no more than three wins all year. The offense in this game wasnt even noticed. They were completely shutdown and scored both there touchdowns on turnovers on Tulanes side of the fifty. For what the score was(21-14) it was a complete blowout if you just look at the stats. You can see from them who completely dominated both sides of the ball. The first conference game of coach Procters career and of this year is next week. Hopefully the Blue Hens can bring there A game and show what kind of true talent they have.

"Just a Bump In The Road"

Season Report Posted: October 05, 2010 04:02  

"I want to apologize to the fans, the students, and players. I havent prepared these boys good enough, and its the last time they wont be prepared for a game. We have to start fast, finish fast, and never let up. You can garuntee we will be ready next week. I promise from here on out that our boys will always be prepared, no matter the competition. Its just a bump in the road for now, and we are going to learn from this in and not let it happen again. I am embarrassed for myself, our coaching staff, the school and my family. Trust me, it aint gonna happen again" stated the furious coach Procter, after a tough loss to San Diego State this past Saturday. Coach was right, after seeing this game, you could definitely see who the more prepared team was. The Blue Hens are now 1-2 on the season and 0-1 in conference play. They play a solid Fresno State team next week where the line is at 17.5. There a favorite by three touchdowns. This will really give us a chance to see what kind of head coach Procter is, and if he can live up to what he says. Its still a young season, there is still time so lets hope they can turn it around.

The Unbelievable!!

Season Report Posted: October 05, 2010 04:14  

First winning this game is a big deal. Doing it in the style that the Blue Hens did it was unbelievable. I guess you could say coach Procter is a man of his word, but this is just one week. No one could of predicted a 31-6 score at the end of the first half. The Blue Hens put up 24 points in the second quarter to really get the team going."Everything was clicking today. It was a great game by the boys. They never let up and never stopped until that final whistle. This is a great win for the program. But when tomorrow comes we gotta start preparing for next week. We cant get to caught up in the moment. We need to keep this game as motivation to show us what our team is capable of doing. We need to do the same thing next week, and a expect nothing less from these boys. They'll find a way." Coach Procter sounded a little more happy this week during his interview but you can tell, he is ready to start working for next week. Its a big conference game against North Texas. This next game could really tell how the Blue Hens are going to do for the rest of the year in the conference. Can the Blue Hens keep the momentum going after blowing out a strong Fresno State team? Next week will tell a lot.

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8 Western Michigan 3-4 2-3 157 132
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